Comic #3 Art Museum Irony

Posted in Webcomics on Tuesday January 03 2012

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Art Museum Irony Comic

I threw in the kid being kicked into the air & yelling "Vin Diesel!" for those of you who may not comprehend the genius of this comic :D

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Project Announcement-Alaskan Comic Book

Posted in Comics/GN's on Sunday January 01 2012

First promise kept for the year of 2012! :) If you've forgotten or just plain out don't know what I'm talking about, I had said that I would announce the project that I've been working on for a while now. Others of you may know or remember me asking for input for this idea.

I've been trying my hand at making a comic book story! It's very short. Less than ten pages long. It's a fictional story set in Alaska, inspired by real life events. It is a revenge story, so the tone will be serious. It follows two sisters, one being the heroine.

I'd like to say, before I start to post actual bits of this project, that there may be a chance that I will never consider this project quite done. My husband says that I am trying to cram so much into so few pages, that I should really be writing a full on 60 page graphic novel. With his help, I just might be able to pull something like that off before I die, but for now, I am putting as much effort into finishing just these 8 or so pages. He knows much better than I do about how a comic book or graphic novel should be, so I trust that this project might not quite seem right when it comes to the pacing. I also have little idea of what I'm doing when it comes to the way the damn thing should be drawn or colored & hope that it'll come off as just a personal style rather than just plain awfulness due to the inadequacy of some chic attempting something she has little knowledge about :D Maybe I'll just call it "quirky!" & leave it at that :P

So! Enough intro? Here are a few early notes & sketches I've done. You can click on them to get a more detailed look at 'em, but I've intentionally made them a bit hard to read as I'm hoping not to spoil the story by posting these & all...

Click Images for Bigger & Better versions!

I was hesitant in posting the partially finished first page of the comic book, as I haven't yet decided if I wanted to post the thing in it's entirety once it was fully finished or post a page or so now & then. But I've decided to post this first page, thinking that even if I decide to post it in it's entirety later on, I don't think posting the first page is going to ruin the story or anything. So here's the rough draft version of the first page! I still need to fix a few little things. For example, one of the feet looks twisted in the sixth panel etc. I'm also batting around the idea of shading &/or coloring it, though I'm not sure if I can pull off doing so yet...

Click Image for Bigger & Better version!

I'm not really expecting all that many comments, if any at all. Because of this, though, you have a chance to surprise me & make me all happyful by commenting! :D :D :D Suggestions, feedback, love, hate all welcome! Anonymous even!
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Comic #2 The Parents Club

Posted in Webcomics on Monday December 26 2011

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Christmas Comic

Are you a member of The Parents Club? Depending on how you want to look at it, you can either imagine that the scene was produced by one of the demented little ones, or you can imagine that the scene was produced by the parents when the little ones were asleep or away.

Dustin was lucky. He got actual J&B in the end. All I got was some crummy candy cigarettes in which I was nice enough to offer him because I'm a good parent & know how to share :)

I should probably work on my drawing ability a bit more... but I won't because I know myself well enough to know that I won't. & since that's the case, to make very sure you know what's going on here. The teddy bear hung himself with a yo yo & dolly dear decided to stick her head in the play oven. Dustin is pouring his J&B into a toy teacup. & if you still can't understand the first three panels; You're suppose to think that the gun is real until you find out in the third panel that it was a toy cap gun. Wow, maybe I should work on my drawing ability so I don't have to spell it out & all. Anyways :D

Parents, enjoy!

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Comic #1 Merry X-Mas!

Posted in Webcomics on Saturday December 24 2011

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Christmas Comic

Merry X-Mas from the Baker family! :) Pacino & Baby Girl always seem to stick their furry little "look at meee!" faces/asses in the backgrounds of our photos, so I thought it was fitting they showed up in the first panel all kinda accidental-like & stuff.

Strip is based on a true story. Dustin thought it'd be funny to wave some old piece of food he found on the floor in my face one day to try & gross me out. Since I was concentrating on cooking & because I tend to trust him... Yeaaahh... Trust really isn't always a good thing :D

This will *hopefully* be the first of many web comics to come. Dustin & I tend to spout some weird random possibly entertaining crap a few times a day. At first I thought that it'd make for a good reality series, but we're lazy (laaaazy, lazy!) & reality shows are like... sooo 2001. So I thought I'd make a web comic series instead.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! & tell me whatcha think, damn it! :D :D :D Love you all! *MUAH!*
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Artist Pepon Osorio

Posted in Installations on Tuesday December 20 2011

Just watched the PBS series Art 21 & thought I'd share one of the artists that I found very amusing. Pepon Osorio! :D More specifically, his work entitled "En la barbaria no se llora (No Crying Allowed in the Babershop)".

Watch Place on PBS. See more from ART:21.

I especially love how he stamped "100% MACHO" underneath each hubcap on the wall to signify himself becoming a man. The hair hanging from underneath the barber chair is also a nice little touch, don'tcha think?

More artwork by Pepon Osorio can be found HERE.
Also found this gorgeous piece. I love the idea that it is made to break down with the passing of time to signify mortality.
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