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Posted in Updates on Friday December 16 2011

Early on, I decided I'd do as much of the coding as I could myself, without using blogging templates & codes such as wordpress etc. This way, I can learn more about coding websites. I've learned a lot since then, but still sometimes feel & look like an amateur. It also has made updates take ten times longer. For the few of you who are following my website already, thank you, thank you, thank you! & bare with me? (^_^)

I still have to work on this new layout. It isn't fully done quite yet, but I thought I'd throw it up anyways & update it as I go along. I still have to add an "about" link as well as a "contact" link. Underneath those, I have to make links to each separate blog entry. I also need to make a handful of different faces for the robot so that when links are hovered over, the robots face will change. I also need to figure out how I want to add comments to my new layout. The first couple of options that I tried, I didn't like all that much.

I also have a few random things I'm considering. One being adding a border or some sort of shading around the clouds at the bottom of the page so that things don't seem to mesh with each other as much. Also, having light text on a dark background could prove to be problematic due to readability issues. I know that the scroll bars are a little bit confusing, being next to each other & all, but I've decided to choose style over functionality in that aspect. The scroll bars
stay :P

So, for now, if you'd like to comment or message me, you can do so through my websites facebook page, which can be found HERE.Until another update...

Here is a test image ...

And now here is a test video (w/one of my favorite songs!) ...

I am hoping to have a fully functional website within a weeks time. Until then, stay tuned & stuff.
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